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Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England


Tree: Pimble

Latitude: 51.8960778, Longitude: -2.0872056


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Henry Thomas  Sep 1848Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3663
2 BLAKEWAY, Frederick Emmanuel  Sep Q 1895Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I7186
3 CLEMM, Herbert Henry  Mar Q 1896Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1408
4 GAMBLE, Geoffrey G  1951Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6977
5 GARDNER, Jacqueline Susan  25 Jan 1960Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2949
6 HAYWARD, Caroline  Abt 1830/1Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I636
7 HAYWARD, William  1843Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3629
8 HILLIER, John  1818Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I4377
9 HOPKINS, William Thomas  Mar Q 1848Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3676
10 HYETT, Elizabeth Ann  1855Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5776
11 JOHNSON, Elsie Rosetta Gladys  13 Sep 1894Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1301
12 JOHNSON, John  1870Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5934
13 JOHNSON, Ronald William  1910Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3909
14 JORDAN, Alice  1879Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5954
15 JORDAN, Ellen  1873Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1327
16 JORDAN, Frank  1887Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3067
17 JORDAN, Frederick W  1883Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3065
18 JORDAN, George H  1874Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3068
19 JORDAN, Joseph  1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1350
20 JORDAN, Joseph W  1876Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3062
21 JORDAN, Maria E  1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3064
22 JORDAN, Matilda L  1885Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3066
23 JORDAN, Thomas  1878Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3063
24 LESTER, Ada Florence  1874Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5935
25 LOVERIDGE, James  Mar Q 1867Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2159

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SIMMONDS, Albert  Abt 1844Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2185
2 SIMMONDS, Alfred  Abt 1848Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2186
3 SIMMONDS, Joseph  Abt 1838Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2183
4 SIMMONDS, Thomas  Abt 1840Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2184
5 SIMMONDS, William  Abt 1836Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2182
6 WILLIAMS, Elizabeth  1836Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2290
7 WILLIAMS, John  1838Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2291
8 WILLIAMS, Luke  1834Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2289


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Henry Thomas  Nov 1848Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3663
2 CADLE, Frances Mary  7 Mar 1945Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6009
3 CADLE, Thomas Clement  Sep Q 1950Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6007
4 CLUTTERBUCK, Hannah  Dec 1822Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I659
5 EVANS, Zillah Thirza  2 Mar 1930Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1332
6 GARDNER, Jacqueline Susan  Apr 2003Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2949
7 HARMSWORTH, Laura Louisa  Mar 1953Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6761
8 MARSH, Brian John  Dec Q 1989Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I7311
9 MARSH, Daniel Royston  11 Aug 1988Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I7306
10 MARTIN, Jane  Sep 1872Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I443
11 PARRY, Mary Ann  Mar Q 1893Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I973
12 PARTRIDGE, Matilda  Sep Q 1912Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3061
13 PIMBLE, Ann  Jun 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I88
14 PIMBLE, Ann Maria  Apr 1842Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I89
15 PIMBLE, Anne  1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5305
16 PIMBLE, Caroline  Jun Q 1895Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I182
17 PIMBLE, Charles  Bef 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5550
18 PIMBLE, Charles  Aug 1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I184
19 PIMBLE, Daisy Martha  Jun Q 1931Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1265
20 PIMBLE, Edward  Nov 1858Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1249
21 PIMBLE, Elizabeth  Mar Q 1870Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I62
22 PIMBLE, Frederick  Jan 1836Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I94
23 PIMBLE, James  Mar 1822Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I96
24 PIMBLE, Jane  Dec Q 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2972
25 PIMBLE, John  6 Aug 1879Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I442

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Henry Thomas  22 Nov 1848Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3663
2 CADLE, Frances Mary  10 Mar 1945Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6009
3 CLUTTERBUCK, Hannah  21 Dec 1822Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I659
4 MARTIN, Jane  28 Sep 1872Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I443
5 PIMBLE, Ann  16 Jun 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I88
6 PIMBLE, Ann Maria  27 Apr 1842Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I89
7 PIMBLE, Anne  6 Jul 1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5305
8 PIMBLE, Charles  10 Aug 1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I184
9 PIMBLE, Frederick  27 Jan 1836Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I94
10 PIMBLE, James  19 Mar 1822Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I96
11 PIMBLE, John  9 Aug 1879Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I442
12 PIMBLE, Maria  23 May 1822Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2802
13 PIMBLE, Martha  29 Oct 1832Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5551
14 PIMBLE, Mileta Annie  1982Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1263
15 PIMBLE, Robert  31 Jul 1906Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I635
16 PIMBLE, Sarah Ann  3 Nov 1860Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1486
17 PIMBLE, Thomas  Feb 1841Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I112
18 PIMBLE, William  9 May 1823Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6802
19 PIMBLE, William  7 Jan 1842Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3688
20 PIMBLE, William  24 Jul 1850Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6803
21 STEPHENS, Elizabeth  12 Sep 1850Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I204
22 [PIMBLE], Elizabeth  22 Oct 1849Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2800


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Elsie Rosetta Gladys  22 Nov 1894Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1301
2 JORDAN, Ellen  25 Dec 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1327
3 PIMBLE, Alfred Joseph  9 Jun 1892Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1300
4 PIMBLE, Ann  2 May 1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I88
5 PIMBLE, Ann Maria  21 Sep 1828Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I89
6 PIMBLE, Anne  3 Apr 1825Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5305
7 PIMBLE, Caroline  3 Feb 1822Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I182
8 PIMBLE, Charles  18 Nov 1824Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5550
9 PIMBLE, Charles  15 Jul 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I90
10 PIMBLE, Charles Joseph  13 Oct 1833Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I91
11 PIMBLE, Charles Joseph  9 Mar 1834Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I349
12 PIMBLE, Edward  30 Oct 1858Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1249
13 PIMBLE, Eliza  5 Nov 1820Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3691
14 PIMBLE, Elizabeth  1 Nov 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I92
15 PIMBLE, Elizabeth Ann  6 Feb 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I347
16 PIMBLE, Elizabeth Ann  2 Jun 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I347
17 PIMBLE, Emily  29 Jun 1834Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I93
18 PIMBLE, Frederick  12 Sep 1835Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I94
19 PIMBLE, George  22 May 1836Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3692
20 PIMBLE, James  3 Feb 1822Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I96
21 PIMBLE, Jane  20 Dec 1840Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2972
22 PIMBLE, Martha  5 Feb 1832Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5551
23 PIMBLE, Mary Anne  18 Jan 1824Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5552
24 PIMBLE, Robert  12 Oct 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I635
25 PIMBLE, Sarah  1 Jan 1826Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I97

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Thomas  30 Mar 1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3659
2 BARRETT, Eliza Rebecca  3 Apr 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6437
3 BARRETT, Eliza Rebecca  2 Apr 1911Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6437
4 CADLE, Frances Mary  5 Apr 1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6009
5 CREED, Ethel F  2 Apr 1911Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6110
6 DYER, Enoch  1841Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3652
7 EVANS, Zillah Thirza  3 Apr 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1332
8 GEORGE, Mary  6 Jun 1841Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3325
9 GEORGE, Mary  30 Mar 1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3325
10 HAYWARD, Caroline  30 Mar 1851Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I636
11 HAYWARD, William  2 Apr 1871Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3629
12 HAYWARD, William  1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3629
13 JOHNSON, Elsie Rosetta Gladys  31 Mar 1901Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1301
14 JOHNSON, Elsie Rosetta Gladys  2 Apr 1911Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1301
15 JORDAN, Ellen  5 Apr 1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1327
16 JORDAN, Frank  5 Apr 1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3067
17 JORDAN, Frederick W  5 Apr 1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3065
18 JORDAN, George H  3 Apr 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3068
19 JORDAN, Joseph  3 Apr 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1350
20 JORDAN, Joseph  5 Apr 1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1350
21 JORDAN, Joseph W  3 Apr 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3062
22 JORDAN, Joseph W  1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3062
23 JORDAN, Maria E  5 Apr 1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3064
24 JORDAN, Matilda L  5 Apr 1891Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3066
25 JORDAN, Thomas  3 Apr 1881Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3063

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 YOUNG, Emily Gertrude  Sep Q 1968Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1319


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 PIMBLE, Anne  1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5305
2 PIMBLE, Caroline  1840Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I182
3 PIMBLE, John  1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5304
4 PIMBLE, William  1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5302
5 PIMBLE, William  1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I594
6 PIMBLE, William  10 Jul 1845Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I594
7 PIMBLE, William  20 Mar 1847Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I594
8 PIMBLE, William James  25 Apr 1942Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1261
9 YOUNG, Emily Gertrude  2 May 1942Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1319
10 [PIMBLE], Ann  1827Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5303


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 JORDAN, Joseph  1890Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1350
2 PIMBLE, Charles  1 Jan 1826Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I184
3 PIMBLE, George  1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I345
4 PIMBLE, Jane  Jan 1849Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1562
5 PIMBLE, Joseph  5 Mar 1820Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I658
6 PIMBLE, Joseph  18 Nov 1824Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I658
7 PIMBLE, Joseph  15 Jul 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I658
8 PIMBLE, Kate  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2923
9 PIMBLE, Robert  Oct 1847Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I635
10 PIMBLE, Thomas  21 Sep 1828Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I112
11 PIMBLE, Thomas  29 Jun 1834Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I112
12 PIMBLE, William  3 Apr 1825Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I5302
13 PIMBLE, William  12 Oct 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3694
14 PIMBLE, William  Apr 1868Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1563
15 [PIMBLE], Susan  8 Jun 1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1561
16 [PIMBLE], Susan  Aug 1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1561


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 BELCHER, Beatrice May  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6335
2 HOWELLS, Catherine  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6933
3 JOHNSON, Ronald William  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I3909
4 JORDAN, Ellen  Sep 1890Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1327
5 PIMBLE, Arthur B  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I628
6 PIMBLE, Elizabeth  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I625
7 PIMBLE, Jane  20 Dec 1840Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2972
8 PIMBLE, Jane  13 Nov 1870Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2972
9 PIMBLE, John  Aug 1879Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I442
10 PIMBLE, Mileta Annie  Between 1901 and 1911Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1263
11 PIMBLE, Nellie Florence  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1305
12 PIMBLE, Unknown  1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I2766
13 PIMBLE, William James  Apr 1917Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1261
14 PIMBLE, William James  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1261
15 RICHARDSON, Rose  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I7098
16 ROBBINS, Constance Maidie  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6936
17 WHEELER, Ronald  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I7100
18 WHEELER, Thomas William Henry  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I6982
19 YOUNG, Emily Gertrude  Apr 1917Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1319
20 YOUNG, Emily Gertrude  Sep 1939Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1319
21 [PIMBLE], Susan  Bef 8 Jun 1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England I1561


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / BELCHER  8 Oct 1907Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1865
2 BLACKBURN / MEEK  1876Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1065
3 CATER / RICHARDSON  Mar Q 1952Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F2098
4 CLEMM / PIMBLE  3 Mar 1917Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F438
5 COLEY / PIMBLE  22 Sep 1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1093
6 DENTON / PYMBLE  4 Oct 1831Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F185
7 DYER / PIMBLE  27 Nov 1839Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1090
8 HAYWARD / PIMBLE  1852Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1091
9 HOPKINS / PIMBLE  22 Sep 1846Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1092
10 JOHNSON / LESTER  1893Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1778
11 JORDAN / PARTRIDGE  1873Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F401
12 MILTON / PIMBLE  16 May 1841Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1096
13 NORVILLE / HYETT  25 Dec 1889Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1727
14 PIMBLE / DAVIS  28 Feb 1820Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F167
15 PIMBLE / EVANS  20 Feb 1884Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F388
16 PIMBLE / JORDAN  Sep 1890Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F386
17 PIMBLE / KNIGHT  25 Dec 1832Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F111
18 PIMBLE / MARTIN  18 Oct 1819Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F109
19 PIMBLE / STEPHENS  5 Jul 1819Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F14
20 PIMBLE / WEBB  1 May 1836Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F122
21 PIMBLE / YOUNG  25 Apr 1917Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F384
22 PLUMBRIDGE / BARRETT  Dec Q 1878Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F1890
23 RICKARDS / MEEK  7 Dec 1829Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F466
24 RUCK / PIMBLE  1930Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F2240
25 SIMMONDS / PIMBLE  25 Dec 1834Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England F104

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