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Llangarron, Herefordshire, England


Tree: Pimble

Latitude: 51.8850528, Longitude: -2.6974806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COTTERELL, Elizabeth  Oct 1890Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3963
2 DOBSON, John  26 Nov 1852Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3551
3 EVANS, Alice  30 Jun 1874Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6631
4 EVANS, Ann Susannah  31 Jan 1869Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6632
5 EVANS, Catherine Louisa  12 Mar 1880Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6633
6 EVANS, Elizabeth  28 Jan 1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6634
7 EVANS, Emily Elizabeth  10 Feb 1876Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6635
8 EVANS, Florence Kate  1 Aug 1883Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6636
9 EVANS, James  29 May 1872Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6637
10 EVANS, John  6 Mar 1867Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6638
11 EVANS, Martha Ellen  7 Aug 1863Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6639
12 EVANS, Mary Jane  10 May 1865Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6640
13 EVANS, Reginald Thomas  1899Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6642
14 GUNDY, Alice  1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3961
15 GUNDY, Eliza  1869Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3977
16 GUNDY, Elizabeth  1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3976
17 GUNDY, Mary Ann  1860Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3979
18 GUNDY, Sarah  1873Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3978
19 GUNDY, Susan  1866Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3981
20 GUNDY, Walter  1836Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3973
21 GUNDY, William  1864Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3980
22 HOARE, John  1771Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3399
23 HOARE, Philip  1808Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3017
24 HOWELLS, Arthur John  Abt 1879Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I5027
25 LEWIS, Elizabeth  1837Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3974

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 EVANS, Emily Elizabeth  26 Apr 1876Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6635
2 PEMBLE, Mary  1653Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I931


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HODGES, Anne  Bef 1846Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2988
2 PYMBLE, John  30 Apr 1840Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I808
3 RUDGE, William  Bef 1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2987


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 WATKINS, Frances Mary  22 Sep 1832Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3617


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 GUNDY, Eliza  1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3977
2 GUNDY, Elizabeth  1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3976
3 GUNDY, Mary Ann  1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3979
4 GUNDY, Mary Ann  1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3979
5 GUNDY, Susan  1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3981
6 GUNDY, Walter  7 Apr 1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3973
7 GUNDY, Walter  2 Apr 1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3973
8 GUNDY, William  1871Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3980
9 HODGES, Anne  6 Jun 1841Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2988
10 LEWIS, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3974
11 MOULTON, John  1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3613
12 MOULTON, Thomas J  1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3614
13 PIMBLE, Jemima  30 Mar 1851Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I1050
14 PIMBLE, Jemima  7 Apr 1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I1050
15 PIMBLE, Margaret D  1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I3959
16 PYMBLE, Margaret Ann  6 Jun 1841Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I1049
17 PYMBLE, Margaret Ann  30 Mar 1851Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I1049
18 PYMBLE, Margaret Ann Jones  7 Apr 1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I907
19 PYMBLE, Sarah  30 Mar 1851Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I33
20 RUDGE, Caroline  6 Jun 1841Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2994
21 RUDGE, Caroline  30 Mar 1851Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2994
22 RUDGE, Charles  1851Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2993
23 RUDGE, Edwin  6 Jun 1841Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2990
24 RUDGE, Edwin  30 Mar 1851Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I2990
25 RUDGE, Eliza  7 Apr 1861Llangarron, Herefordshire, England I6355

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SMITH / PEMBLE  24 Feb 1673Llangarron, Herefordshire, England F288