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Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales


Tree: Pimble

Latitude: 51.6032333, Longitude: -3.0975028


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 NELSON, Albert  1903Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6624
2 NELSON, Arthur  1910Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6625
3 NELSON, Enid  1904Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6622
4 NELSON, Ethel  1906Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6623
5 NELSON, Hilda May  1892Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I314
6 NELSON, Trevor  1894Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3406
7 WILCOX, Emily  1871Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 NELSON, Albert  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6624
2 NELSON, Arthur  31 Mar 1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I1355
3 NELSON, Arthur  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6625
4 NELSON, Arthur  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I1355
5 NELSON, Bertram  31 Mar 1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3408
6 NELSON, Bertram  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3408
7 NELSON, Clarence  31 Mar 1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3410
8 NELSON, Doris  31 Mar 1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3409
9 NELSON, Doris  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3409
10 NELSON, Enid  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6622
11 NELSON, Ethel  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I6623
12 NELSON, Harold  31 Mar 1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3407
13 NELSON, Harold  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3407
14 NELSON, Hilda May  31 Mar 1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I314
15 NELSON, Hilda May  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I314
16 NELSON, Trevor  1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3406
17 NELSON, Trevor  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3406
18 WILCOX, Emily  31 Mar 1901Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3405
19 WILCOX, Emily  2 Apr 1911Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I3405


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 NELSON, Hilda May  Nov 1916Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I314
2 PIMBLE, Edwin  Nov 1916Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I174


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LEWIS, Betty  Sep 1939Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I2914
2 NELSON, Hilda May  Sep 1939Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I314
3 PAYNE, Charlotte Jane  Sep 1939Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I5974
4 PIMBLE, Edwin  Sep 1939Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I174
5 STAPLETON, George Edward  Sep 1939Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I2475
6 [PIMBLE], Betty  Sep 1939Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales I2819


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 PIMBLE / NELSON  Dec 1916Risca, Monmouthshire, Wales F728